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Realease 1.2.6 et MI8-MTV2
Posté par Lib le 31/08/2013 à 13:51
source : http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=1858557#post1858557



DUXFORD, UK, September 4, 2013 – The Fighter Collection and Belsimtek now offer DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight as a digital download pre-purchase for $49.99. Pre-purchase also provides access to early pre-release Beta versions of the title.

Pre-purchase DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight here:


DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight is a highly realistic PC simulation of the Mi-8MTV2, a combat transport and fire support helicopter and an upgraded variant of one of the most widely produced helicopters in the world - the Russian Mi-8 (NATO reporting name ‘Hip’). Developed by Belsimtek and Eagle Dynamics, the team behind the hit title DCS: UH-1H Huey, DCS Mi-8MTV2 continues to deliver exceptional realism and immersive gameplay within the DCS World virtual battlefield.

The simulation features accurate modeling of all primary aircraft systems, avionics, and proper functionality of nearly all cockpit switches and controls. Flight and other dynamics are modeled using real-time physics calculations and carefully tuned using actual Mi-8MTV2 documentation and pilots deeply involved in development and testing. The result is not only the most realistic Mi-8 reproduction on the PC, but a comprehensive helicopter model that correctly presents complex dynamic effects particular to helicopter flight, such as: autorotation, vortex ring state (VRS), translational lift, hover in and out of ground effect, and many others.

You are placed in the cockpit of the Mi-8MTV2 to fly combat transport and support missions as the left pilot, right pilot or gunner. The helicopter can be armed with unguided rockets, gun pods, and on-board machine guns. In the transport role, a cargo of up to four tons can be carried internally or three tons on an external sling system to deliver and retrieve supplies in a wide variety of terrain and weather conditions. A series of single missions and a handcrafted, immersive campaign plunge you into the heat of battle in the DCS World battlefield of countless AI and a variety of player-controlled fighter and attack aircraft, helicopters, and ground units. Get online to play with or against other DCS players in a synthetic online battlefield.

A quickstart guide and interactive training help you get started quickly while the comprehensive Flight Manual details the helicopter’s systems and operational procedures. A wide variety of gameplay options allows each player to tailor their difficulty level as required.

Key Features of DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight include:

Unmatched flight physics providing the most realistic and dynamic conventional helicopter experience on the PC
Multiple player positions, including pilot, co-pilot, flight engineer, and door gunner
Accurate and highly detailed 3D cockpit featuring six-degrees-of-freedom technology compatible with head-tracking devices
Interactive cockpit controls that allow you to operate systems using the mouse
Accurate modeling of the Mi-8MTV2 instruments, weapons, engines, radios, fuel, electrical, and hydraulic systems
Highly detailed Mi-8MTV2 external 3D model, liveries, and weapons
Accurate audio environment based on custom Mi-8MTV2 sound samples
Immersive, handcrafted campaign with a variety of transport and fire support missions
Training with interactive and video lessons
Multiplayer coop mode for crew members of the same helicopter under development for a later update
Developed in close cooperation with actual Mi-8MTV2 operators

DCS version 1.2.6 Change Log

DCS World

Added new anti-ship penetrating warhead for anti-ship missiles.
Increased Max G for the following missiles: R-60 (from 18 to 42), MICA (from 18 to 24), and R-40 (from 8 to 15).
R-27ET: Decreased rear hemisphere DLZ.
R-73: Corrected mass and thrust.
R-77: Corrected time, fuel flow and thrust.
SA-8 Osa: Increased range at low altitude from 6 to 8 km.
Corrected the lock on range of IR missiles.
Added Australia as a new country choice.
Renamed APA-50 to APA-5D.
Fixed error with coalition.addGroup()function.
Added a new 3D model for the B-8V20 rocket launcher.
Fog of War: Aircraft will no longer be visible on F10 map once it leaves line of sight of enemy units.
Added exhaust smoke to Kusnetsov aircraft carrier.
Kills are now tracked in the Log Book for Campaigns.
Engagement range of ground units has been adjusted.
Su-25T bomb Interval and Quantity are now working correctly.
Trigger GROUP DEATH will working with event ON DESTROY.
Fixed several SAMs ignoring the set "Alarm State Green".
Debriefing: Fixed event recording. This will also correct log book errors.
MiG-23 will now attack the moving ground target with rockets.
Many minor corrections in the game.
Wingman will report leader about enemy radar activity.
Multiplayer: Radio communications are now working.
Multiplayer: Debriefing window in the mission is now disabled for clients.
Multiplayer: Fixed several crashes.
New ambient sound system (sea, shallow water, fields, wind, g-breath effect).
Wind + turbulence sound depends on mission weather parameters.
New wingtip vortices, new touchdown smoke.

Flaming Cliffs 3 (A-10A: DCS Flaming Cliffs)

A-10A: Removed AAQ-28 TGP.
A-10A: Corrected standby compass showing wrong heading.
A-10A: Added PAC.
A-10A: HUD fixed pitch angle indicator jumping from -90 to +90, when standing still on the ground is fixed.
A-10A: Simultaneous engine start now working.
A-10A: Fixed AIM-9 air to air mode.
A-10A: Removed glideslope indication on the HUD.
A-10A: Fixed ADI yellow vertical bar.
A-10A: AoA indicator, indexer and AoA sound corrected.
A-10A: Fixed HSI outer needle.
A-10A: Added Stability Augmentation System (SAS).
Su-33: Corrected AoA indexer.
MiG-29 and Su-27/33: The vertical scan will not lock target automatically. Instead, player must press and hold the ENTER button to lock the target.
Added RShift modifier to Kneeboard next/previous page commands (conflicted with Ka-50 Shkval track gate size controls).
Su-25T: Removed targe diamond on the HUD.
F-15C: Fixed altitude hold when air to air refueling.
AWACS: Decreased the answer pause between picture requests.
Corrected some missions.
ATC now available for the Kusnetsov aircraft carrier.

DCS: A-10C Warthog

The engines will start after repair.
If PTR switch is set to STOW and back to ABLE the pitch steering bar may freeze is fixed.
A-10C. SAS and EAC switches fixed.

DCS: Combined Arms

Fixed multiplayer crash when land groups are assigned a route.
Added German CA Manual.
Smoke markers for controlled ground units are limited with 10 smokes at each color.
Input: Absent joystick commands restored.
HUD: Added cues of masking for line of firing by vehicle elements.
HUD: Added health points indicator.
MP missions replaced to MP folder.

DCS: Black Shark 2

Added RShift modifier to Kneeboard next/previous page commands (conflicted with Ka-50 Shkval track gate size controls).
Lighting night vision cockpit switch modifier moved to LCtrl to prevent conflict with Kneeboard ON/OFF key.

DCS: P-51D Mustang

Fixed no UNSAFE warning light and horn when throttle retarded.
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Interruption de service
Posté par Ergo le 28/08/2013 à 17:07
Bonjour à tous,

L'EVAC vient de subire une coupure de service du à un problème serveur. 2h30 après le souci le serveur est de retour, et tout va bien.

Le problème est en cours d'identification. scratch.gif

Pour information, le serveur où est installé l'EVAC n'avait pas eu de soucis depuis 551 jours 8 heureus et 21 minutes !

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EVAC !

Pour les petits détails téchniques amusants (ou pas .... je viens de cramé mon apres-midi ....) :

Perte du serveur à 14h19 .... d'un coup piiiiooouuufff ... a plus mad.gif
Intervention sur le serveur à 14h33. => Simple reboot physique
De 14h33 à 15h52 check des disques durs (le serveur fonctionne sur un système RAID, le check des disques est obligatoire sur une coupure aussi brutale).
15h58 : relance du serveur en mode "rescue" (un mode d'analyse des défauts systèmes, passage au crible des scripts, vérification des configs ... bref s'assurer qu'au redéarrage nominal tout redevienne comme avant).
16h45: je croise les doigts, je cris merde, sere les fesses, implore le seigneur, lance de l'eau bénite autour de moi, et je relance le serveur en nominal
16h49 : le service est de retour ! cowboy.gif

2h30 (et 11 secondes pour être précis) pour régler le soucis !

Maintenant faut que j'explique ca à mon bosse .... je vous laisse whistling.gif
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Bonjour à tous les nouveaux
Posté par Ergo le 17/08/2013 à 23:45
Bonjour à tous,

En cette période estival force est de constater que l'EVAC attire beaucoup de monde.
Pas qu'on aille s'en plaindre, au contraire !

Mais je profite d'un petit moment de calme dans mes "vacances" pour vous rassurer : L'EVAC n'est pas morte.

Comme toute structure bénévole est vie au rythme de ses bénévoles, et particulièrement de ses instructeurs. Et quand ils partent en vacances loin de leur machine de guerre préférée, ils leur est difficile d'être présent (On me dit aussi qu'ils préfèrent s'effiler des Mojito plutôt que de voler).

Mais pas de panique, toutes les mauvaises choses ont une fin, et la rentrée est pour bientôt. En septembre ça devrai donc bouger un peu plus que ces deux derniers mois.

Alors, patience les p'tits nouveaux (les autres aussi)
Et à très vite !

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DCS passe en version 1.2.5, .15586
Posté par Ergo le 23/07/2013 à 8:07
Après une longue attente, DCS World vient de passer en version 1.2.5.
Plus exactement en version pour les puristes.

Très attendue cette nouvelle version majeure (passage de la version 1.2.4 à la 1.2.5) ne se voit pas ajouter de nouveau module ... pour le moment.
Cette version est donc une mise à jour de stabilité pour DCS, qui vient de corriger une liste longue comme le bras de problèmes (le détail ici)

Reste une question, cette 1.2.5 sera-t-elle la version d'introduction du Mig21 que tout le monde n'attend plus ?


ATTENTION : la mise à jour est incompatible avec XP. Le problème est signalé chez ED qui cherche la parade au plus vite !


Profitons de cette nouvelle version pour annoncer une autre nouvelle de taille. Même si les promesses de date sont a prendre avec la plus grande précotion. Eagle Dynamics a annoncé récement la mise à disposition d'EDGE (Eagle Dynamics Ground Engine) et de la carte Nevada pour la fin de cette année.


Quoi qu'il en soit, l'EVAC passe bien évidement sur cette nouvelle version, et nous vous invitons à utiliser le système de mise à jour automatique de DCS World pour l'appliquer.

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HUEY : Des news
Posté par Lib le 26/06/2013 à 14:12
Info distillées par EvilBivol-1 le 24/06 ici

List of features we are working on and hope to implement for the final release version (subject to change...):

- Further improvements to the rotor and engine models
- Correct engine start procedure to include throttle Off and Idle positions as well as ignition trigger and Idle Release switch
- XM60 Reflex aiming sight for the right pilot
- Radar altimeter
- Chaff/flare dispensing system
- M134 minigun as door gun
- M60 door gun bullet dispersion
- Improved crew AI (initially only door gunner AI)
- Unarmed "slick" variant
- Sling load modeling
- Assault troops animation (depends on infantry modeling progress)
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